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Vintage style in your home - tips for that timeless feel
Posted on February 10, 2014 by Sosolo.

As trends have a tendency to come and go, it is a good idea to find a style for a home that has a timeless feel and will not look dated in just a few years. This is why vintage style, ironically very trendy at the moment, is an ideal choice, bringing together elements of the recent past with items of personal interest to create a truly individualistic feel.

The basics

The first thing to do is establish a vintage colour palette. Usual wall colours include white or slightly off-white, but vintage can also incorporate soft greys, dusky pinks and pale sky blues. Patterned wallpapers on every wall are a vintage no-no if a room is to avoid becoming twee, but a small section of a wall can easily take a sheet of floral patterned wallpaper to create a feature.

Both wall-to-wall carpets and hardwood floors suit a vintage style. Keep the carpet plain and in a neutral colour, and soften the impact of hardwood or laminate floors with a subtly patterned rug.

Image source: Houzz

Vintage-style furniture

There is no one particular type of furniture that screams vintage at you; vintage style is more easily achieved by taking existing pieces of furniture and upcycling them. For example, a chest of drawers can be sanded down and then painted in a cream or white paint for a whole new look. To make an item appear aged, as if it has been handed down through generations, carefully sand the edges of furniture to show the colour of the natural wood beneath. Some really lovely furniture that has simple, modern lines or early twentieth century reproductions will also help achieve the look.

For the living room, choose sofas that are comfortable and have a casual look. To make formal sofas look more vintage, lay a soft throw or blanket over them.

Image source: Houzz


To many, vintage style means displaying collections of objects, such as fans, teacups or old metal advertising signs, but whilst it can easily embrace these items, it is also very easy to overdo it and create a cluttered look. With vintage collections, it is far better to display a few select, quality items than an entire collection.

Vintage style accessories are easily acquired at charity and antique shops. Good items are enamel tins and mugs for the kitchen, a typewriter or old-fashioned camera for a study, vintage handbags for a bedroom, and leather bound books for displaying on living-room shelves.


A timeless vintage style is ultimately best achieved by adding a touch of personality. Avoid the temptation to buy modern vintage pieces wholesale, as this will just create a contrived looking interior. Vintage is not defined by any one piece of furniture or accessory and there is no need to stick to just one era. Mix items from the 1920s with the 1940s to create a unique look. A vintage style room is one that has a lived-in look and it should reflect the personal tastes and personality of its owner(s).

Image source: Houzz

50s interior chic
Posted on February 10, 2014 by Sosolo.

The 1950s were a period of bright colors and modern design, an antidote to the grime and drabness left by the war years. People had changed too, no longer content to spend hours carrying out domestic chores or willing to stick with tradition. 1950s homes were at the forefront of function and practicality, and wholeheartedly embraced modern ideas and tastes.

Changes in design

Homes had become smaller and as such, furniture needed to be light and durable, easy to move around, yet strong enough to last. Out of fashion were the heavy, dark woods of the previous decades. The 1950s saw the introduction of new materials, such as plastic, PVC, Formica and vinyl, which were easy to clean and cheap to produce.

As the living space shrunk, walls were knocked down to create open plan living rooms and kitchens, opening up the home to let more light in and allow greater freedom of movement. So a 50s style interior will be bright and airy, streamlined and practical.

Getting the look

There are two types of 1950s style. One is the American diner look, with a big fridge, a jukebox in the corner, and high gloss cabinetry; this is frequently referred to as being kitsch. The other is a more refined, classic designer style, with iconic furniture such as the famous Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen, and fabrics by Lucienne Day.

Image source: Houzz

Image source: Houzz

Forget the structured look of previous decades, as in a 1950s home there was no place for picture or dado rails. Once the walls are free from interruption, paint using bold yet warm colors, such as orange or yellow, or wallpaper using bright, geometric patterns.

Use contrasting colors for the upholstery on furniture. For example, for a living room painted yellow, have a vivid blue sofa and chairs. These were the days of symmetry in design; so ensure that at least some of the furniture is of the same style. Ideal seating to emulate this period will include low and wide, minimalist-style sofas, teamed with ergonomically curved armchairs with enclosing wings.

Image source: Houzz

Furniture such as G-Plan was all the rage during the 50s, with its box-like construction and thin, almost spindly legs set at angles. Existing modern furniture can often by upcycled to resemble this era and wooden pieces such as sideboards, chests of drawers and coffee tables can be rubbed down and painted in a high gloss color, or varnished to give them a lighter wood effect.

Shutters started to be used in the 50s to add a design feature to the outside of homes, but they can serve an equally decorative function inside as well. A variety of shutters can be fixed together, and painted to create a dividing screen in an open plan living room or they can also serve as a form of modern art when fixed directly on to the wall.


For 1950s style accessories, look for items such as magazine racks, made out of wire with ball feet, ornaments such as vases in geometric shapes and unusual colors, and the same for lamp bases. Top these with brightly colored shades.


Image source: Houzz

How to Wear White this Winter
Posted on October 14, 2013 by Sosolo.

Let’s face it; summer is well and truly over for another year. While we may mourn those long, hot summer days, a new season is a great opportunity to try out new styles and reconnect with our favourite, warm, winter comforts. Although we can all look forward to a new crop of trend this autumn and winter, one popular colour has decided that it would like to stick around just a bit longer: white. You needn't look at a wedding site for some inspiration. From festive beauty looks to cosy wraps, there are plenty of ways to wear white without looking bridal this winter. Use the following guide to pick up some tips for your own wardrobes.

White beauty

A sweep of white or glistening silver across your upper eyelids can really make your peepers pop this winter. A small pot of eyeshadow cream like NYX Eyeshadow Base in white is an inexpensive way of adding some festive cheer to your usual makeup routine. Alternatively, if you’ve already selected your favourite shadow colour for a big night out, a touch of white eyeliner, like Barry M Kohl Pencil in white, in the corner of each eye or around your lashline will again make your eyes look bright and awake for any occasion.


If you want to brighten up your workwear wardrobe over the coming months, bold white pieces will do just that. Plenty of designers have taken inspiration from this year’s big black and white trend to create some stunning, all-white ensembles. Look out for classic, tailored winter coats on the high street this season from the likes of Mango and BHS. Alternatively, why not wear a pair of white jeans to the office with some black attire to add contrast. Top tip: head to H&M to pick up some hot black autumn/winter pieces this year to add wear with your newly purchased white coat!


You can find plenty of white vintage pieces in any charity shop or vintage store. From 1920s delicate white lace to 1980s shoulder padded white power suits, the popularity of the colour has spanned the decades. Take inspiration from Marc Jacobs and Alexandra Wu this year who both showcased elegant black and white pieces which were reminiscent of the 80s and 90s. Alternatively, you can simply pick up a pair of elegant white shoes or a timeless white bag to wear out for any occasion.

Winter warmers

Designers and high street giants such as H&M and Olivier Theysken have produced an array of winter warmers this season for us all the enjoy, whatever our budget. Wrap up this winter in a faux-fur wrap or a classic, thick cable-knit jumper to beat the cold winter snaps. If you generally avoid jumpers like the plague, a great way to inject some sass and sophistication into the ensemble is to team your garments with a pair of hot, on-trend knee-high, black leather boots which are easy to pick up this season.


Brighten Up Your Autumn Wear
Posted on September 03, 2013 by Sosolo.

Summertime is typically known as the season for bright clothes and colourful dresses, which makes approaching the dreary autumn, somewhat of an anticlimax. Not only is does the weather decline, but so does our enthusiasm for fashion, as we get used to wearing coats and hiding away our figures. However, autumn need not be so depressing and autumn wear need not be so dreary. Here are a few autumn ideas that’ll brighten up a wardrobe, as much as ones summer clothing did – if not more.

Red Coats With Gathering On Shoulder and Mustard Yellow Wool Coat

Elegant and chic they may be, but most people’s clothing collections aren’t typically known for their bold colours. Hence these two coats can stood out like a sore thumb amongst the rest of your collection. You can find items like this at various high street stores.

This gorgeous red coat with gathering on the shoulder pulls off a long, bright red style that’s also elegant, subtle and chic. With red being such a powerful colour, most red coats – and even dresses – often seem like a cry out for attention. However, this coat is different.

red coat

Its very formal design counters the loudness of its colour. As a result, the wearer can pull off a very professional look, but one that’s chic and colourful nonetheless.

Their other eye-grabbing coat I’ve chosen boasts less of a bold colour in mustard yellow, but still gives us a breath of fresh air in a season typically typified by browns, dark greens and grey.

This one’s much less of a formal coat than the one shown above, and at roughly £69.99 on the high street, it is also £20 cheaper. Choosing between the two – if you do feel compelled to choose any of course – will depend on your lifestyle and personal style.

Red Double-Breasted Long Coat

There are indeed many types of long, bright red – but still quite quiet – coat one can choose from. This competitor in terms of style, market and price range can be found at a similar price to the one above.

It’s hard to pick between this and the other. In an ideal world, I’d personally go for both! They both send out the same statement.

One thing that will be said is that if you opt for either of those red coats, be sure to stress the formality of your outfit with a watch. A formally dressed woman without a watch is a woman whose wrist fails to match the businesslike look of her dress. An Oris Big Crown Pointer Date like the ones shown at Watches of Switzerland, is an example of the type and quality of watch you should be looking at.

Cotton Linen Blend Jacket

While this next jacket may not be as colourful as the coats shown in this article, it’s well worth a look due to its fabulousness.

Costing only £79.99 on the high street, a cotton linen-blend jacket like this is a brighter take on autumn’s usual colours. Its camel vigore colour mixed with decorative trimming make it irresistible, regardless of what season you happen to stumble across it in.

5 Up and Coming UK Designers to Keep an Eye on for 2014
Posted on August 29, 2013 by Sosolo.

The design world is a vibrant, dynamic and capricious environment by its very definition. Designers are ‘in’, then they’re ‘out’ again; trends fly over like clouds, their velocity dependent on the strength of the wind that day. As such, predictions on fashion trends are always somewhat difficult, but they’re not impossible; clouds can always be spotted on the horizon before they come. We’ve put together a list of 5 designers you should watch going into 2014, for we think they’re destined for big things.

1. Claire Barrow

Having graduated from Westminster, the Stockton-born fashionista debuted her first collection at Fashion East in 2012. Very much influenced by the Dalston/Shoreditch East End cool, she is best known for her hand-painted leather jackets which quickly earned her a cult – and indeed a wider – following: she recently made a custom jacket for pop star Rihanna.

2. Domingo Rodriguez

Domingo Rodriguez

Graduating from Liverpool John Moore’s University in 2008, Domingo Rodriguez has already racked up considerable accolades in his nascent career. He won the Wolf and Badger graduate awards, Menswear Award at Graduate Fashion Week and was named as one of Esquire magazine ‘7 Brilliant Brits’ in 2010. See his collection on Wolf and Badger.

3. Michael Nelson

Heavily influenced by vibrant and colourful African hand-crafts, Michael works with a fair trade collaborative of Kenyan women to create fantastically intricate and distinctive handles for his custom made leather bags.

4. Karla Špetić

Described by the Guardian newspaper as creating ‘über-cool pieces with a fresh but feminine sensibility’, Karla is an Australian-based, Croatian-born designer with an exciting future. You can buy online at

5. Shahzad Mohaudin/Math Collective

Geometric, full of lines, Shahzad Mohaudin’s Math Collective pieces very much live up to the name, and his background as a graphic designer. He was recently snapped up by My-Wardrobe, and his collections are fast gathering accolades and prominence at fashion events around the world.

Get the Great Gatsby Look
Posted on August 01, 2013 by Sosolo.

Earlier this summer, The Great Gatsby flooded the movie scene worldwide. Viewers were enamored with the acting, the cinematography and of course the style.

Baz Luhrmann was able to capture this dark story in such a beautiful and compelling way that it left people visually inspired and yearning for a vintage look. While most of us can't afford the styles that Prada produced for the film, we can recreate some of the hair and make up looks. Let's revisit the roaring twenties in a modern way.

First the make up:

The Great Gatsby look is about creating a natural eye look paired with a bold lip. Ditched the dark, smoky blacks and greys you've been using and opt for some muted tans that almost blend completely into your skin. Use this color all over your eye. Then apply a highlighter, like a shimmery white or cream, to the brow bone and in the corner of the inner eye. Finish up the eye shadow by using a color only slightly darker than your skin tone to line the crease of your eye and your bottom lash line. This will help give your eyes definition.

Next you'll want to create an elongated lash line. I love using liquid eyeliner for this, specifically Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner Sweep the eyeliner cross the eyelid in a thin cat eye fashion. Once your eyeliner has dried, apply black or brown mascara to your top lashes, skip the bottom.

You'll want to finish your eye make up by giving a little attention to your eyebrows. This look is punctuated with a bold, angled eyebrow that you can easily recreate with a little brown eye shadow or eyebrow pencil. Start at the inner points of your eyebrow and sweep the powder/pencil up to create a more defined angle. Then follow the eyebrow line down to the outer edge of your eye. You don't want to create new eyebrows or completely fake the look, just make yours a little bolder and manipulate them into a more angular look.

For the lips, you will want to go with something bold like a deep red. The best way to pull off this look is to start with a lip liner. Red lipstick can be difficult to control, so keep it in the lines by creating an outline for it first. Be sure to pick a lip liner that matches the lipstick!

Finish the make up look with a soft rosy blush that accentuates your cheek bones but doesn't draw attention to itself.

Now for this hair, this one can be a little more tricky.

Most of you probably don't want to chop your hair to Daisy Buchanan lengths, so I asked a Rush Kingston hairdresser how to tackle this look without cutting your hair. They said it was all about modernizing the fingerwave.

To do this, you will need a 1 inch curling iron, mousse and a flat brush.

Apply the mouse all over wet hair and blow it dry. Once it has completely dried, make a deep side part and clip up the top layers of you hair. Grab one inch sections at a time and begin curling them towards your face. Do your best to keep the curls consistent. Take down another layer once you have finished the bottom and continue curling until you have curled all of your hair.

Then take your flat brush and brush out the curl. It seems a little daunting, but slowly brush it out. This will pull the tight curl out and create a loose, consistent wave throughout your hair. The mousse you applied in the beginning is what will allow your hair to hold the shape and not fall flat. Finish with a little hair spray.

Want to do updo's? I found this great hair tutorial that you can follow.

We love hipster fashion in the springtime
Posted on April 27, 2013 by Sosolo.

Ahhhh. Spring has finally graced us with its presence, which means you can finally come out of hibernation, and your clothes can too! Shedding layers and removing those burdensome heavy winter coats means people can actually see all that cute fashion you've been hiding under there. We have some things we've been waiting to unveil, too—our amazing new collection of vintage finds. Of course, you'll still need some lightweight jumpers and jackets for layering when the nights are still cool and the chilly wind hits, and we've got plenty of those to help you with the changing of the seasons.

For styling ideas, we look for inspiration from all over the world from cities with the coolest hipster fashion. Some of our favourites include East London, Portland, Austin, and New York City, to name a few.

Here's a simple, fuss-free and no-fail look we love, seen on the streets of New York City: black boots, skinny jeans, a vintage tee shirt and a cropped army jacket:

Photo source:

Camo never goes out of style, and although we love the cropped look, we have our own green army jacket of the oversized variety, circa 1980's. Wear over your favourite tee shirt or something colourful for spring, such as our oversized berry red shirt. 

Camo jacket

Check out our other jackets perfect for bright and sunny weather, such as our eye-catching 90's yellow cropped jacket, our edgy Miami white jacket, or our psychedelic print cropped jacket for something we promise is as unique as you are.

Another trend we love this season is button-down shirts, because you can style them in so many different ways. From our electric blue oriental shirt with its unique buttons to our Victorian lace collar blouse with its ladylike lace, you can't go wrong with buttons! We also love our vintage denim boyfriend shirt, our cropped checkered shirt, and our Miami Vice Hawaiian shirt—really it's difficult to choose just one.

haiwaain boyfriend shirt 

You can wear them open with a tube or tank top underneath, buttoned to the top, tied in front, or hanging loose. This fashionista in East London demonstrates perfect hipster style with a short sleeve white button down top tucked into 80's style cuffed jeans with a belt and black boots: 


Photo source:

Although we love looking to all these different cities for fashion inspiration, we always believe in making whatever you're wearing your own. Be sure to check out our entire new vintage collection for the spring, including pants, shorts, skirts and dresses. Happy Spring, and happy shopping!

Spice Up Your Little Black Dress
Posted on November 24, 2012 by Sosolo.

Well the cold winter months are creeping in, slowly but surely, and one thing that helps us cope with the weather is—you guessed it—fashion. While we love fuzzy, oversized jumpers and warm, woolly coats that keep us warm while we’re doing our holiday shopping, another favourite things about the winter is that it’s party dress season! Whether it’s a friend’s casual holiday get-together, an office party (where you’ll likely want to impress your boss and your co-workers), or a fancy, uber-dressy party, we have your perfect dress.

Sometimes, it’s all in the details. One trend that has taken over this past fall, and rolling right into winter, is studs. Studded detail, shiny buttons, embellishments and even spikes, have found their way onto jackets, shoes, shirts and dresses. And we’re obsessed. They add some eye-catching shine to your wardrobe and brighten up an otherwise plain sweater. One of our favourites in our new collection is this black and gold studded dress, which also has an eye-catching zipper detail down the back: 

The little black dress is a classic wardrobe staple, and this is our unique variation of it. Another is our little black vintage dress with black buttons down the side.

Our vintage Louis Feraud dress is something truly different, with its zig-zag design on the sleeves and upper overlay. And, of course, don’t forget about the row of gold-tone buttons down the front: 

The trend isn’t just found on our dresses, but on our jackets and sweaters, such as our gold buttoned frayed boucle jacket, our 80’s pearl blouse jacket, and our studded sweaters in grey, light grey, dark grey and beige.

What’s your take on this trend? Do you own some of those crazy shoes with spikes, or do you prefer the more subtle buttons and studs? Share your thoughts with us and send us your photos to show us how you do the trend. We’d love to hear from you!

East London Furniture
Posted on November 23, 2012 by Sosolo.

We've fallen in love with East London Furniture! The company's owners Christian Dillon and Reuben Le Prevost create beautiful furniture out of recycled pallets and their range includes stools, coffee tables, benches and lights.

We're trying to restrain ourselves from buying everything in their shop!

It’s jumper and jacket season: feeling warm and looking hot
Posted on October 22, 2012 by Sosolo.

One thing that’s great about vintage clothing is that you can be fairly certain you won’t see a carbon copy of your outfit walking down the street towards you. If you’ve ever had that happen, you know that it’s kind of embarrassing—especially when you walk into an event or an intimate party and notice that…wait a second…that girl is wearing your dress?! To help you avoid being forced to awkwardly wear your jacket at the party all night, Sosolo searches high and low to find you the most unique and beautiful vintage garments! Jumper and jacket season is now in full swing, and we have a whole slew of retro, new-to-you cover-ups, cardigans, and long dresses to ward against the cold.

Another thing we love about vintage fashion, especially from the 1980’s, is that everything wasn’t always so tight-fitting and constrictive. And yes, you can still be sexy in loose-fitting tops! We recommend pairing one of our fashionably oversized jumpers with leggings or skinny jeans, and knee-high or ankle boots. This kitsch block striped jumper is really comfortable, and we just love the cute, colourful stripes:

We have a lot of garments which are circa 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, which feature stylish geometric patterns, bold colours, and stripes. All of our new items are great for layering, and you can never have too many jumpers—or that one cardigan or jacket you wear over everything! One of our favourite new items is our cropped black vintage jacket. You can scrunch up the sleeves and wear it as part of your outfit, or throw on over anything from skinny jeans and a vintage tee to a cocktail dress and heels:

We also have a few new dresses that can easily be worn during any season; their longer length allows you to take them right into fall and winter with you with tights and boots. They’re flirty and feminine without being too revealing. One of our most unique items is the Indian embellished vintage dress. It has a hippie-chic yet tailored look, lovely bold colours, and beading.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our other new finds, from elegant vintage 70’s blouses to our slouchy boyfriend jeans! And of course, there are jumpers galore, all of which are stylish, comfortable, and warm enough to carry you through a tiring day of holiday shopping. Tell us: Which one is your favourite?