About Us

We are an established company selling electronic cigarettes to people in UK and exporting e cigs to other countries. We sell high quality products that are safe for use. We offer e cigarettes that have an immaculate design. Our electronic cigarette is based on the lasted technology. Each e cig serves as an example of a state-of-art structure for an electronic gadget.

You will enjoy all the benefits of an e-cig by using our brand. You can taste all flavours in your personal vaporizer. You can fill it up with cigar, chocolate, strawberry, coffee and any other flavour. The e cigarette is reusable, you do not have to buy one every now and then. The cigarette lasts for a very long time if you take good care of it.

An e-ciggy works on a battery so all you need to do is to screw the cartridge to the atomizer and you can start smoking and enjoying the essence. The led which is at the opposite end of the cartridge will light up once you start to inhale.

If you are with your friends who like smoking then you will be a part of the circle instead of looking like the odd one in the group. You can use your electronic cig any where in the world. If you have to join international delegates who are chain smokers you can always light your e cig to give them company. You will then not be missing out on important business deals and people from foreign lands will find it easy to make friends with a person who shares the same taste.

A man who does not use a cig at all may miss out on the opportunity of being with a desirable woman. If you come across a person who likes to smoke heavily and if you cannot give her company then you simply lose your chance but if you make use of our e-cigarette there is a great probability that she will let you become her companion. You will get to know her better only because both of you have a taste for cigarettes.

People who try to give up smoking use e-cigs. When using an electronic ciggy a person feels that he is holding onto something. He takes time to get used to the change and he smokes lesser than what he does usually. He ends up consuming lesser tobacco and at the same time he holds onto an electronic cigarette for as many hours as he smokes the regular ones.

If you want to try out eletronic cigarettes or if you want to quit smoking you should buy our brand. We offer high quality and amazing flavours. You will look stylish holding a cigarette manufactured by our company. People all over the United Kingdom recognize our name and many recommend our brand. Our customers are absolutely satisfied with our product.

Please remember to carry our brand the next time you fly out of country. Your international counterparts will be pleased to see you holding something so fashionable and elegant. You will make a few friends only because you have something unique and original to offer. If you are ready to show the world that you are a debonair gentleman then go right ahead buy our e cigs and let the world know what you stand for.