Electronic Cigarette: Mimicking the Real Experience

Many people who are still smoking the real cigarettes and are wary of making the switch to e cigs do so because they think that the electronic cigarettes cannot give them the sensation of the real thing. Well, we cannot talk for other people’s products, but if we are talking the products we have in offer, well, then that is just not true. Being in the e cig industry, we understand perfectly well your crave for the real stick. And we also understand that the much touted alternatives such as nicotine gum or nicotine pouch would just not work for you. Nicotine is important, but you still want the real sensation.

This is why all our efforts are geared towards making the experience of smoking our eletronic cigarettes as close as possible to the real thing. We continuously develop our products based on customer feedback and strive our best to offer you the most satisfactory experience possible.

Having said this, here are also a few facts you may want to know about smoking real cigarettes. That smoking causes lungs cancer is common knowledge, but what exactly is the real villain here? If you were thinking tobacco or nicotine, you were wrong. It is not the tobacco, but the burn of the tobacco and the cigarette filler together which causes the crucial damage to your system. And this is why e cigarettes are such a viable alternative. With e cig, you do not need to give up your nicotine addiction, but you still stay clear of the risks. This is where lies the great benefit of an e cigarette. You get the thing and you cut out the risk, too.

And just as you could choose among different brands of cigarettes, now you can choose among our great range of different nicotine flavors. You can take your pick from among many different flavor cartridges– the one that suits you the best. We are also in the process of adding more flavors to the already existing ones and very soon, your choices are going to open up even more.

Another great benefit to e-cig is that you save a whole lot of money by switching to the e version. One cartridge of our e-cigarette will last you approximately the length of 20 packs of cigarettes and now if you just compare the prices, you will see what a great lot of dough you will save when you turn to electronic cigarette. So, if this saves you money, gives you satisfaction and most importantly, saves your lungs from destruction all at the same go, what are you waiting for?

As is already mentioned, we are always in the process of improving our products so that we can offer you an even more wholesome experience in the future. Our aim is to be able to mimic the real sensations of smoking as closely as possible, so that the users of our products do not think that they are missing out on anything. To that aim, your opinion is valuable to us. Do let us know if you find anything lacking in our product and how do you think we can improve. You can send your opinions to our feedback box. We pay utmost importance to every last feedback comment from our customers because we know that you know the best!